S1 Episode #7 6.28.17-Pastor Belinda Wrigley (South Africa)-REALationship with God-Reaching every tribe, every nation, every tongue: Creating a Culture of Thanksgiving

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Belinda Wrigley is the Senior Worship Pastor of Every Nation Church-Johannesburg, South Africa, which is compromised of multiple cultures and languages.  Join us as we discuss how putting Christ at the center of cultural barriers, challenges, and differences can allow us to see ourselves and each other as God intends.  God’s desire is to have REALationship with us, and for us to have REALationship with one another, as we are His creation; created for greatness.

Please also click here for Belinda’s song Your Presence, which she referred to during our episode. All of Belinda’s music is available on I-Tunes.

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