Speaker: Chad Johnson- Author, Speaker, & Founder of Come & Live

An icon of independent music amongst those in the know—Chad Johnson was the director of A&R at what was one of the biggest independent record labels in the world. From DIY darlings to punk rock royalty, Chad seemed to fit right in at Tooth & Nail Records. After all, he’d paid his dues with his own little (failed) label, and every hardworking band knew his story.

Chad’s true calling came at the peak of music industry success—an unexpected, undeserved twelve-year career generously affixing his name to an album or two. With his wife’s nervous blessing, he abruptly left the conventional music world, one part impassioned and three parts foolish.

Cashing out his 401(k), gold plaques and the record collection, Chad began living an adventure that has led him, reluctantly, to every continent on the planet with Come&Live!.

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S2 Episode #4 Chad Johnson-Author, Speaker, & Founder of Come & Live-“Deconstructed for Reconstruction”

S2 Episode #4 Chad Johnson-Author, Speaker, & Founder of Come & Live-“Deconstructed for Reconstruction”

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Beginning his life as a missionary kid living the first chunk of his life between the Caribbean and South America, Chad would describe himself as a “hellion” in his younger years.  Having a passion for music and art, but knowing that singing and playing wasn’t his gifting, he kept his passion and dove into the business side of music starting a label on 10 credit cards!  You will be inspired as you hear his story starting from very humble beginnings to becoming the A & R (Artist & Repertoire) for Tooth & Nail Records, one of the biggest independent Christian rock record labels in the world.

A husband, father, and servant of God, Chad takes us through each phase of his life, where he went through a season of arrogance, living what looked like the “perfect” life on the outside, while on the inside, struggling internally and living a life far from God.  He leads us up to where his life is today, after surrendering every area of his life completely to God, making a huge life shift, and becoming the founder of Come & Live ( , an incredible organization that provokes and inspires artists all over the world to proclaim the revolutionary message of Jesus outside the church. 

He leaves us with four challenges that really gives us motivation to live the Great Commission.  

Matthew 28:19-“Therefore go and make disciples of all nation, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Resources Mentioned in this podcast:

Come & Live Organization 

Steiger International 

One Thousand Risks-Chad’s latest written work-An incredible book that challenges each of us to take the risks to fight fear for an awkward, awesome life with Jesus. 

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