Speaker: Dr. Erica Diehn- Doctor of Human Resources & Industrial Relations- St. Thomas University- St. Paul, Minnesota- United States

Erica is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother of an amazing six-year little old boy. By the calling and pure grace of God, she is also inspired to work in academia as a business professor. She was led to leave her corporate career and pursue a Ph.D., despite her humble beginnings growing up in a tiny mid-western town where the cows outnumbered the people!

She went off to college in the big city and studied for a semester abroad in Belgium, opening her eyes to the world beyond America. The next decade provided progressive corporate career opportunities working for Fortune 200 organizations. Each new work location brought a new adventure across four different states spanning the coasts and even jobs in two foreign countries.

Erica moved to Minnesota in 2005 for graduate school…and then fell in love….and has lived in the land of (frozen) lakes ever since. Erica and her husband Paul both enjoy traveling the world, serving the kingdom, and inspiring a generation to live an authentic, devoted and fulfilling life in Christ.

Erica is honored to have a career that allows her to both conduct leadership research and examine global phenomena while also teaching college and graduate students the art and science of leadership, management, and equipping people and organizations to be catalysts for change. Whether at home, work, or in the local and global communities, Erica thrives when developing others and creating an environment for people and ideas flourish.

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