Speaker: Randy Morrison- Senior Pastor & Founder- Speak The Word Church International- Golden Valley, Minnesota- United States

Pastor Randy Morrison was born in Trinidad, West Indies. He attended primary school and graduated from high school in Trinidad.

Pastor Randy came to the United States in 1971 and gave his life to the Lord in November of that year. He started in ministry leading a Bible study with just six people. His ‘congregation’ grew and eventually, they moved to school gymnasiums for their church services. They purchased their first church building in 1979 with 30 people. From these small beginnings, Pastor Randy has used his God-given gifts and his consistent perseverance to build Speak the Word Church International. His assignment to span the globe with the Word of God is being fulfilled.
His words of encouragement are authentic and empowering.

Pastor Randy has turned his own life experiences into a passion for helping others to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose in life through the gospel of the kingdom of God. He is currently taking this message to the world through the media.

The television program—“A Common Sense Approach to Life with Randy Morrison”—is aired on television locally and throughout the world. Pastor Randy combines Bible-based teaching with real-life experiences mixed with humor to effectively communicate the truth of God’s Word. God has expanded his sphere of influence globally. The broadcast is televised in Africa and in all of the Spanish speaking world. Yet he stays true to that Bible study with 6 people by teaching the uncompromising Word with simplicity, clarity, and boldness.

Pastor Morrison is a living testimony to the truth that all things are possible with God. His common sense approach message is designed to help people to “live life by design and not from crisis to crisis”.

S2 Episode #3-Pastor Randy Morrison “God said it, that settles it, and I believe it”

S2 Episode #3-Pastor Randy Morrison “God said it, that settles it, and I believe it”

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Coming from the twin island sovereign state of Trinidad and Tobago, Pastor Randy Morrison was the son of a single mother, who had him a very young age, but was determined and driven to provide the best possible environment for Randy to thrive.  Well, here we are many years later, and Pastor Randy is the Senior Pastor and founder of Speak The Word International, in Golden Valley, MN.  The ministry of STWCI is impacting thousands upon thousands of lives globally in line with the mission to “Help people discover and fulfill their G0d-given purpose”.

Today, Pastor Randy shares his story of how he got from Trinidad and Tobago to Minnesota.  It is a story of hope and victory over circumstances.  He talks about the Jesus People Movement, and how that movement played an intricate role into God revealing to him that he would be a shepherd of the body of Christ, which was not his intention.

Luke 11:28-He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

If you want to hear a encouraging story of God’s divine direction, this is for YOU!!

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