Speaker: Stephen & Krista Prince- Children's Cup Country Directors in Swaziland & South Africa/ Campus Coaches for River Valley Church- Swaziland- Africa

The Prince Family moved to Africa in 2011 after experiencing two mission trips with their home church and seeing Children’s Cup in action. They currently serve as the Country Directors in Swaziland and as campus coaches for River Valley Church-Swaziland. Stephen and Krista, along with their three children, Avery, Iliea, and Ellie love where they are, and they love what they do. The family believes in doing life and ministry together as much as possible, as their kids are just as much missionaries as their parents. They give all the glory and honor to God for the opportunity to serve Him in Africa and for the beautiful experiences in living life boldly for Jesus.

After 7 years on the mission field, God is calling the Prince Family back to the States.  They will be transitioning back this summer of 2018. 

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